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We have been involved with the design, installation and support of healthcare security systems for over thirty years. We are highly committed to not only our industry, but our valued customer base. Progressive HealthCare offers this experience to the Fort Worth Independent School District to address security issues. Progressive has been involved for many years with the FWISD. Progressive currently has a long term contract with the district for providing design, installation, training and service support for overhead lift systems installed for the disabled children within the district. On behalf of our entire Progressive family, we "Thank" the district for the opportunity to prove the value of SchoolGUARD.


  • Wireless Emergency Call System.
  • Security for Teacher and Staff.
  • Protects Against Theft Of Assets.
  • Notification in Less than 2 Seconds!
  • Computer Based System.
  • No Monitoring Fees.
  • Archives All Activity with Auto Backup.
  • All Signaling Devices are Tamper Proof And Totally Supervised!
  • Wireless devices use TRUE frequency-hopping spread spectrum transmission technology to provide Rock Solid Reliability.
  • Compatible Transmitters Include Personal Duress Pendants, Door-Window-Motion-Glass Breakage, Smoke Detectors, and Many More Wireless Options
  • Made in the United States of America.

Asset Tracking
Wireless transmitters may be attached to valuable assets, creating an alarm if removed from their defined areas. (i.e. Computers, Air Conditioning Units, etc.)

A tardy acknowledgement occurs if staff does not respond within a specified time frame. Tardy alarms may also be programmed to activate all interfaced Output Devices.

About SchoolGUARD

  • Developed from Hospital / Healthcare Technology by Progressive Healthcare Systems Inc. based in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Progressive HealthCare Systems is family owned and operated since 1991.
  • Progressive HealthCare is Licensed by the State of Texas/Department of Public Safety Security Contractor License# B14595.

Output Options

  • Telephones and Cellular Phones
  • E-Mail
  • Text Messaging
  • On-Site Pagers
  • Off-Site Internet Paging
  • Option For Voice Notification

Benefits of SchoolGUARD

  • Improves Teacher and Staff Safety/Security
  • Creates a Safer Campus
  • Protects Valuable Assets
  • Virtually Invisible
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Extremely Affordable
  • User friendly Software
  • Time Tested-Proven Technology and Locally Supported