Progressive Healthcare is locally based and family owned and operated. Progressive Healthcare has been in business since 1991 with over 60 years of combined experience in serving long term, assisted living, adult day care and hospital markets. Here at Progressive Healthcare, we pride ourselves in providing quality products and service as well as building relationships with all of our clients. Here are some of the reviews we received from our clients:

In the 2003-2004 school year we added a LIKO overhead lift to one of our classrooms that serves severe and profound disabled students. Previously, the Hoyer lift was the only mechanical lifting device available for use at this school. Because of its size and difficulty to use, this was not utilized to assist with transfers. Prior to installing the LIKO lift, it was feared that this too would not be used. However, because of its ease of use and totally out of the way design, this lift has made a tremendous impact on the ease of positioning and transferring the students in this classroom. It is used multiple times daily and easily accommodates several different students. The progressive wear and tear of the staff’s bodies while performing transfers and positioning has been eliminated. After doing a thorough price analysis of vendors, Progressive had one of the best prices for overhead lifts.
Dewey Ballenger

We also want you to know that the service has been outstanding. Steve Hullum, President of PHCS, has personally taken care of every aspect involving the lift. He provided hands-on inservice for all of staff after initial installation and provided prompt response when any question arose. His professionalism and personal approach has been a pleasure.
Julie Brown
Physical Therapist

Because LIKO lift has been so successful, we hope to install additional LIKO lifts in other classrooms at this campus as well as other campuses in the FWISD in the upcoming school year.
Diane Worle
Classroom Teacher